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I can help you learn to trust yourself so you can get out of your own head and stand out in the room without compromising who you are.

If I’m not doing that, you can find me in prepping for my own auditions, climbing hills with my high-energy pup, bingeing on my favorite shows, nibbling on chocolate or diving into a vat of truffled popcorn.

If you want to build the acting career you’re proud of, I can teach you how to identify and apply your strengths so you can embody your characters, feel empowered in the audition room and book more work.  

My free, 5-step  Action Guide is the best place to start. It’ll give you a taste of what the Magnetic Actor Method is all about. Or if you want to hit the ground running, then my mini-course, The Confident Actor Project, is for you. You can read more about what you'll get, here.  

Wanna know more?  

Here are 10 things about me that may surprise you: 

  1. I'm TOTALLY obsessed with acting and have been studying weekly with Richard Seyd since 2013.   You can currently hear me as the voice behind Yahoo's new email tutorial

  2. I was born and raised in Hawaii and didn’t have to  wear shoes to school until 7th grade.

  3. I went to college at the University of Michigan and my heart literally aches (in a good way)  when I think about my time there.

  4. Right after college I worked as a roller-skating waitress in a Manhattan restaurant  WITH STAIRS. Yup, imagine me rolling towards you with a tray of mugs and a pot of hot coffee.  Freak out, right?  I did fall, more than a few times. No one else was injured.

  5. I worked for J.P.Morgan in sales & trading for over 18 years.  Many embarrassing things happened during that time including a veeery public trading floor L.L. Cool J rap gone wrong (damn cassette tape lyric transcribing!) and when a pair of my undies fell out of my jeans on casual front of a male colleague.  Let's just say it did not stay a secret between us, as I had hoped. And he still brings it up as the highlight of his career.

  6. I used to secretly read US Weekly on business trips when I should have been reading research reports.  When people asked what I did on the plane, I told them I read U.S. Weekly, to make it sound important.

  7. My 77-year old mom is teaching me how to trade cryptocurrencies.

  8. I reeeeally love dark chocolate. My favorite is from a bean-to-bar Willy-Wonka like factory on Oahu (in my hometown of Kailua) called Manoa.  It’s how I imagine Heaven must smell.

  9. I can’t keep up with all the good TV and it’s really frustrating.  Friday Night Lights was the first show I binge-watched after I resigned from J.P. Morgan, and Tim Riggins remains my fave 😍.

  10. I’m an Extreme Fondant Sculptor and for the last 9 years have made  intricately decorated cakes and cupcakes for my daughters’ birthdays

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So, shall we get this party started?

Click here to download the FREE 5-Step Action Guide that’ll give you a taste of my process and get you on your way to being more magnetic.