The Most Annoying Phrase In Showbiz

If you're like me, there's one phrase that really gets on my nerves. Wanna take a guess what it is?  

I'll give you a hint.

It's not "You're released" or "They went a different direction." Those are annoying, too, but in more of a %#&$! way. 

The phrase I'm talking about is one that's said all the time, but most people have no idea what it means or how to do it. 

Have you ever heard acting teachers or casting directors tell you to "Just be yourself." Or maybe, "Just do you," or "Just bring yourself into the room."?  

Annoying right? Such a nebulous catchphrase...

And to make matters worse, many actors I’ve coached fear they're not enough. They constantly fear they don't have what it takes, so for them, hearing ‘just be yourself’ is a terrifying proposition.

The root of the problem is that most actors don’t know what makes them tick or how to articulate it.  Furthermore, they don’t know how to internalize and appreciate how their special talents make them unstoppable.  

What if you never again have to wonder what it means to ‘be yourself’ because you can identify talents that are wholly unique to you?    

And what if you can love those talents and put them to work in auditions and when going after goals?  

What if these talents can uncover your superpower?

And what if that same self-certainty empowers you in the audition room by giving you the ability to connect to the character in a whole new way?  

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

That’s because understanding and embracing your talents is like the oxygen mask in an airplane. You need to know yourself first before you can begin to fully embody another character.

That’s what the Magnetic Actor Method and the FREE Magnetic Actor Method Action Guide is all about.   Check it out via the pink button below.

Here’s how it works.

First, you’ll identify and dig deep on your top 5 natural talents – the ways you naturally feel, act and behave. Once you embrace and love these talents, the Magnetic Actor Method will teach you how to intentionally use them to go after goals. The icing on the cake is your audition prep. You’ll learn how to leverage your unique way of seeing the world to identify similar qualities in any character you have to play, even one you don’t like or respect!

The incredible benefit of this work is that understanding how your talents have served you in the past helps carve a clearer and more accessible path forward. You ’ll fall in love with what makes you uniquely and powerfully you. Knowing who you are, and why you do what you do, helps you be authentic.

And authenticity is magnetic.  

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