Promises, Promises + a Year of Bringing Back the Magic

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my New Year’s Resolutions.  

The truth is, I don’t make them.  Never have.  One year I tried to do something every day in lieu of giving something up (I chose sit-ups), but that didn’t stick either.

So screw it!  This year I’ll unabashedly eat chocolate whenever I want, and may, or may not, work on my core (of course I will...because of the aforementioned chocolate!) 

But I do have goals. And plans...for you. BIG plans.

I’ve been listening closely, and I know you want to book more work. I know you want to banish self-doubt so your authenticity can shine through. And I know you want to destroy the fear telling you that you’re not enough.  

In honor of all of that, I declare this to be Your Butter Year: The Piping Hot Year of Bringing Back the Magic. I know it's a mouthful but I totally love it. And to me, it means:

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 10.01.52 AM.png
  • Remembering why you chose this career (and blowing the roof off of it)

  • Exploding onto the scene (and being seen!)

  • Knowing in your whole heart and soul that you’re Enough

  • Kicking Fear’s Ass

  • Taking back Control

And so much more.

Aaaaand, you're probably wondering why I added the butter part.

First, real butter is the key ingredient to all the baked goods that come out of my kitchen (like the "Magic Hat" cake I EFS'd the hell out of for daughter's 9th birthday).

And it's also just like how uncovering and exploring your natural gifts and strengths is going to be integral for you in cracking the code on Hollywood and destroying your fears.

And then there's all those fun butter sayings that evoke ease, soft landings and joy. You know, like, "Your ass always lands in butter" or "Bread & Butter" or "Butter my butt and call me a biscuit".  

So, that's how I want this magical year to be for you.  Like Butter.

So, serving you endless amounts of fun and life-changing empowering content is my Promigolution for 2018;

That’s goal, promise and resolution all rolled into one freaking decadent year for us, my friend.

And I’m 100% committed to helping you get there.

Here’s a taste of some of the crushable concoctions I have in store for you this year:

⭐️ The Magnetic Actor Method Masterclass: Pilot Program:  

Keep your eyes peeled for this imminent announcement! This will be a deeply discounted and exclusive program for a handful of actors who are willing to work closely with me to temper, refine and gild the springtime launch of the Magnetic Actor Method Masterclass.  Most importantly, it’ll be the only time I offer the Masterclass in a totally live format where you’ll work directly with me to get my expert eyes on your progress. 

⭐️The Magnetic Actor Method Masterclass:  

This is my signature course and it’ll debut in Q2. We’ll spend 6 weeks together in a mostly self-guided format where you’ll identify all the reasons you’re a total badass, learn how to use that knowledge to revolutionize your audition process, and how to karate chop nerves in the audition room with the juiciest, most specific and authentic mantra/mindset mashups you can think of.  We'll also have weekly Q&A calls to dive into any questions and explore any of the concepts further. And, oh! The BONUSES! 

⭐️ Surprise Gifts:

I really love giving gifts, so that’s going to be a big part of my promise to you this year.  Both programs will involve gifts, of course, but I’ll also hand out swoon-worthy ‘you shouldn’t have’ gifts for super engaged Facebook group members, as well as random drawings when I want to make someone’s day. But most of it will happen in either in the Magnetic Actor Facebook Page or our private Magnetic Actor Method Facebook Group, so you gotta be in both to partake in the fun.  "Like" the Facebook Page and "Join" the Facebook Group right now so you don’t miss out! 

⭐️ Communication + Freebies:

You can expect to hear from me every week with an original blog post (unless I'm enjoying time off with my family – like next week).  And fair warning…I write about whatever’s on my mind, so while one week could be entertaining (I have a LOT of “Most Embarrassing Stories”),  the next could be educational or community-themed, inspirational, behind-the-scenes or some mash-up of it all.  And I might swear (thanks to my 18 years on a bond-trading desk).  But many posts will be sprinkled with highly-actionable (and free!)  guides, worksheets, cheat sheets and checklists so you can really sink your teeth into the content smorgasbord.  

And remember the free gifts thing I mentioned?

Well, how about a little something RIGHT NOW?  How about a free coffee on me?

Free Download-3.png

It's real!! Just scan this barcode at your local Starbucks to pay for your order.  But hurry, it's all preloaded, so it's first come, first served until it runs out.  

It's just my way of saying that I'm grateful you're a part of my world ☕️.

And now I want to hear from you!  Hit reply and let me know YOUR big plans for the upcoming year.  What's your #1 goal for Bringing Back the Magic?  

I am sooo excited to blow the roof off this industry with you in 2018.  Cheers to a happy holiday and a wildly successful New Year!