You're Focusing on the Wrong Things

One of my friends was just diagnosed with cancer.  

Actually, she got the diagnosis a month ago, but she's still waiting to find out what kind of cancer it is so they can start treatment.

One month!

Can you imagine sitting with the knowledge that you have cancer, even just for one day, and not being able to attack it?

My friend and her family’s whole world came crashing down when they got that news. 

And I expect a lot of the insignificant things they'd been worrying about dissolved at the same time.

Because there’s only one thing that matters now:  There is a friend, mother, daughter, aunt, and wife who is about to start the fight of, and for, her life.    

So, what a waste of time that I'm bummed I didn’t get through my to-do list, haven't exercised enough, or didn’t book that commercial.   

I’m trying to keep it all in perspective.  

It’s such a cliche, and I still hate seeing my laugh lines get deeper, but goddammit, each day really is a gift.

So while our acting careers are important,  it’s also important to focus on the other stuff – you know, the stuff that really matters.  

As Tim McGraw asks, what would you do if you lived like you were dying?

One of my top strengths is Positivity, so I often resist going down that depressing rabbit hole, but I also recognize that it’s healthy to discern what really matters, and what doesn’t.

So your kids’ rooms are messy.  Fast forward 10 years when they’re out of the house and you long for the days you stepped on sharp legos and lost all.of.the.tupperware to slime.

So you live in a tiny apartment with a roommate who doesn’t “get” you, and who brazenly drinks your almond milk.   

So you didn’t book the job.  So what? Is that what defines you?   

Embrace the mess.  Embrace the crazy. Embrace the rejection.

None of it matters as long as there’s love.

And how about just living like you don’t get another shot? Because you don’t.  Why are you waiting to go after this acting dream of yours? Why are you wasting time thinking you're not worthy of success?  

Do it. Own it. 

Each day now, as I think about my friend, I’m holding my people tighter, kissing my girls at night, making plans for a getaway with my brothers, and embracing the whirlwind that is this beautiful life.

Oh.  And I’m also chasing the hell out of my dreams because I never want to regret that I didn’t give it my everything.

So. If the world was ending tomorrow, how would you spend today?  

I bet you wouldn’t stress about your next audition, complain that you can’t find the right agent, or fret over what you’re going to post on social media today.  

None of that would matter.   

In honor of my friend, and likely a friend of yours who may be going through a tough time, choose one thing that matters to you and figure out a way to incorporate more of that into your life today and every day.  

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It's a beautiful and freeing thing to share your losses, rejections, fears, and insecurities with others.  And it's thrilling to celebrate each other's goals and wins, too. 

I believe being vulnerable and showing your humanity to others dilutes the effects of fear, worry, and negativity.

And it might even make you feel more empowered to realize you're not alone.   

And that may help you keep everything in perspective.