Wanna cut through the noise? Do this.

I got a great question recently from an actor named Josh Berresford and wanted to highlight it here, because I think this is one that comes up for a lot of people... including me.  

Here’s what he asked:  

How do we deal with all of the bloggers, educators etc. out there,  and be able to extract what will help us most and not be inundated with so much and so many to choose from?  

Here’s my (very stream-of-consciousness) response: 

I'll have to really think about the answer to your question, but I totally hear you and this is happening to me RIGHT NOW.  

As I've been getting my coaching business off the ground, I have subscribed to tons of email lists, Facebook groups, online courses for entrepreneurs, and thus have soooooo many different voices in my ear.   

The problem I'm having (and this is the same for what you're experiencing, I think)  is that everyone has ideas for "best practices" and what works best.

For me, it's not audition technique, but email automation, no automation, Facebook group or no Facebook group, the best way to create a course, or to scrap the course and go private coaching, etc..

You get the idea.

It's mind-numbing.

What I have found is that I trust myself the most.  

I may not know exactly how to do something or I might need an accountability timeline to get me from point A to point B (and I can find help for that,) but I've been listening to my gut a lot more now, and I know instantly when I'm resistant to an idea.

For example.  I was told, You HAVE to have a Facebook group and you HAVE to have daily prompts to engage your group! And you HAVE to do FB lives every week, etc..

oh my god.

I panicked and it paralyzed me. I didn't want to do it. I feel a bit inundated with social media as it is.  

I did start a group, but none of that other stuff resonated with me at ALL.  So I pretty much ignored the group (and to be honest, felt super stressed about that, too).   

But I'm now just starting to promote the group again because I came up with a better plan that feels good to me.  

I want to set weekly intentions and then want to find a way to give prizes to people in the group for engagement. It's a bit out of the box, but it makes it so much more fun for me and fun for everyone in the group too (I hope!).   

So the point is that you have to go with your gut.  

And I'm an actor too...

I also get emails from a lot of people, but I really only pay attention to what my acting teacher says in terms of technical acting stuff.  

And I hate to say it as a blogger/educator myself, but I leave a lot emails unopened unless the topic really grabs me...

I think another part of it could be the FOMO thing...what if that info is your missing link! That kind of thing.  

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the "noise" (and it sounds like you are!) then I would pare down your list – me included if that feels right for you.  

Also, a lot of actors I've coached are spending way too much time reading all the stuff, taking all the classes, chasing all the shiny objects, needing to lose weight, etc.. so that – they say – they'll be totally ready for when they decide to put themselves out there and start auditioning.

This makes me CRAZY.  

I think the best teacher for you is going to be taking action and learning from your mistakes.  It’s progress towards your goals, not perfection (or planning).  

And funnily enough, I just spent this morning thinking about this exact concept for a possible blog.

I graduated from the University of Michigan so seeing the Wolverines lose last night in the NCAA championships was heartbreaking.  But their coach had such a beautiful perspective on losing and it just reminded me of the way we actors *should* deal with rejection, and what we can learn from just the act of preparing for an audition in the first place...   

This is probably a MUCH longer answer than you wanted, and especially because I didn't really answer your question, but it's because you just have to go with your gut.

You probably know the bloggers/educators that move the needle for you, that get you fired up,  the stuff that feels right and additive...and the stuff that doesn't.

Everyone has a different style and a different perspective. But since it sounds like it's getting a bit "loud" for you, I would recommend that you go through all of the people you follow and start to cull the list.  

Or just keep everyone if you want, but give yourself the permission NOT to read everything.  

Because if you did, you wouldn't have time for auditioning! and acting! Or to do all of the other stuff in your life you need and want to do.  

Trust yourself to know.


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