The Secret Behind My Second Most Embarrassing Story

I'm about to get personal. second Most Embarrassing Story happened in the bathroom.

It wasn’t that someone walked in on me.

It wasn’t that I tucked my dress into my pantyhose.

It was about karate.

Because I was on a mission to kick someone’s 🍑. And to get my next belt, I had to perform a flawlessly choreographed routine.

So I practiced it whenever I was by myself. In my kitchen, in elevators, waiting for meetings...aaaaand in the empty bathroom at work.

But, on this particular day as I Side Thrust Kicked past the stalls with a loud "Huzzah!" I realized I was not alone…


Then panic.

I raced out of there and hid behind my computer and a very important, fake phone call.

But she knew. She asked no questions and I offered no explanation.  

This ever happen to you?

Probably not.

But I’ll bet you’ve felt the same kind of horror in the audition room.

Like that time you were so nervous you didn’t look up from your script once.

Or when you had an out of body experience and it felt like everything was in slow motion.

Or when you forgot your own name before the slate.

Overthinking and self-doubt got the best of you, and you were too much in your head. Again.

You weren’t present which meant you couldn’t fully be in the scene.  

And you got taken down.

So how, for the love of wax on wax off, can you create a unique and connected audition every time?

Simple. Take a look at my self-guided mini-course, The Confident Actor Project.

I believe when you know exactly what makes you tick, you can connect with any character you need to play.  And your performance will automatically be as distinct and nuanced as you are.

The Confident Actor Project can help you do just that.

Here’s some of the feedback I’ve gotten from CAP grads:

"This opened up a new channel in me!"

The CAP gave me more confidence in myself.  I’m more purposeful in who I am and how my unique qualities can help me in auditions."

"It feels great to have a fresh methodology than the one I’ve been using. And I can be more strategic and smarter about my process, too."

And then the bonuses. Ohhhhh, the bonuses...

"The Power Statement bonus was so, so could be its own course!"

I LOVE the audio!!  It’s sooooo empowering!!! Thank you!!!!

"I did the guided meditation last night and fell asleep almost instantly. And I woke up without all those rambling thoughts in my head!"

Here’s the thing.

I took karate for personal development and self-defense. The same way you’re taking acting classes and doing the marketing hustle.  

The Confident Actor Project is an added layer that'll show you exactly how to use your best secret weapon. YOU.  

I can’t guarantee it’ll book you jobs, of course. But I can guarantee it’ll change the way you think about yourself and your audition process.

Click here to check it out.  

What’s the worst that can happen?  Nothing.

Because I’ve already done the karate-in-the-bathroom thing (no way that happens twice), and I back my mini-course with a Chuck Norris-level guarantee. You can check out the details on the registration page.

Regardless of whether you take the CAP,  take time to get to you know yourself better and find out why you do what you do.  

My mini-course isn’t the only way to do that.  

But if this email inspired you to snap up The Confident Actor Project and take a roundhouse kick at self-doubt, then I say, Huzzah!

Here’s to your success and your Black Belt Audition Mission*.

*Not to be confused with an Audition Emission.  That one belongs in the bathroom.