My winning Lotto numbers

 7, 21, 37, 49, 63

You’re welcome.

I’m totally cool sharing because tomorrow, those numbers are gonna win me the Mega-Millions.

But right now, I’m dreaming about what I’ll do with

And how it’s going to feel when I hear the numbers, and I can’t believe I have the winning ticket. I’ll probably check and re-check it 57 times.  

And then I’ll definitely scream and cry.  And laugh hysterically. Maybe all at the same time.

But I’ll also be super freaked out that I might lose the ticket, so things could get weird. Don’t come over tomorrow night.  

The possibility that this could happen makes me feel all fluttery inside. Like how I’d feel if Adam Levine asked me to be in version 2.0 of his “Girls Like You” video.  


I’m not advocating gambling or playing the Lottery, of course, but every now and then, I buy a ticket.

Because it’s so delicious to dream. What if?

I bet you play this same game with your acting career.  In fact, let’s play it right now.

Sit back for a second and imagine this scenario:  

You’re driving to yoga and your phone rings. It’s that ringtone you love – the one you assigned specifically to your reps.

But you don’t answer it (you’re driving!!) so you pull over and listen to the voicemail.

Your heart is pounding...palms sweating.

It’s your agent saying you just booked your dream job.


Let that sink in a second… you just booked your dream job!!

What do you do now?  Are you okay to drive?  How do you feel?

Is that so-excited-you’re-nauseous feeling in your heart or in your head? Do you keep replaying the message over and over – fingers shaking – because you can’t believe this is actually happening?

How are you going to celebrate?  Fancy dinner with your main squeeze tonight? Spicy-margarita happy hour with the girls?  A ganache-filled cupcake right now?

Who do you call first to share the news? How do they react?

Don’t hold back.  Luxuriate in this feeling for a while.

Feels good, doesn’t it?  You did it. You should be proud of yourself.  

Screeeeech. Back to reality.

Sorry! I know you want to soak in that imaginary call from your agent. Believe me, I do too.  

But guess what?  

It could actually happen. The odds of you booking a role that lights your soul on fire are WAY higher than you winning the lottery.  

Even though booking the job is pretty much out of your control.

You know this. You can only control the work you do in the room. If you nail that, you nail the audition.

But I also know that booking feels incredible and that you deserve it.  Do you believe you deserve it?  

If not, it may help to get your brain more involved in the “What If?” game.  Here’s how.


You already did this if you played along with me in the scenario above, but it doesn’t hurt to do it again.  

Again and again.

Say it, dream it, write it, think it, meditate on it. Every morning. Every day.

As much as possible.  


Achieving your goals will only happen if you break them down into daily, weekly and monthly actions. Get specific, get sassy, get busy.  

Why not you, remember?


Your goal should be bold enough that it makes you a little uncomfortable.  That’s when the magic happens.

But that could also mean you'll find reasons to put it off.  

You’ll wait until after your morning coffee, after your healthy-vibing lunch, after This is Us, and after anything else, until it doesn’t happen at all.

And that's when your dreams disappear into your *almost* perfectly curated Instagram grid.  

Set realistic (but not too safe) deadlines and stick to them.   


Someone is going to book that job.  It should be you. It can be you.

But first, you have to do the work.  

Take action even if you don’t think you’re ready and especially if you’re scared.

Action generates courage.

Use your vision as your compass and your the actions to measure your progress.

More than anything, believe in yourself and know it’s possible.

And then, do you know what happens when all of that comes together?

You’ll hit the jackpot, baby.