Why You Shouldn't Ever Tell Someone To Have A Good Day

Screw having a good day.  In fact, I won’t ever tell someone to  “Have a good day!” again.

Here’s why.

A man in the parking lot at the supermarket just told me to, “Have the best day, EVER!”  

And he meant it.

He broke conversation with his friend to tell me to “Have the best day, EVER.”  

I felt giddy.  What?  Me? Best Day Ever?  A huge smile crossed my face and I gave him a heartfelt thank you.

Then he said, “You deserve it”.  

Whoa.  *Mind Blown*

Those 5 little words were such an unexpected endorphin rush and I felt like I had a secret (that feeling is why I play the lottery every now and then.  It’s just so dang fun to imagine winning!).

I don’t know this man, and he has no idea if I actually deserve to have the best day ever (I do!!) but, you know what? I spent the whole drive home thinking, ‘What if I do have the best day ever?’  and ‘What would need to happen to make this my best day ever?’

Maybe I’d get a call from my agent that I booked that awesome VO audition I sent in last night. Maybe I’d get called in to audition for that CD I’ve been targeting, or maybe, or maybe, or maybe...  FUN!

So. I have an idea.

What if we woke up and immediately started thinking about all the things that could happen to make this the best day ever.  I dare you not to have a little pep in your step.

What if we we started thinking about what we can do for others to make it their best day ever.  

It’d be crazy!  It’d be like the best virtuous cycle I can think of.  And what set it all off for me were 5 little words from a stranger.  

But here’s the thing. You  have to use it sparingly or it’ll become like the insipid “Have a good day!” that we say to people ALL.THE.TIME.  We’ve said it so much that it means nothing. Definitely not inspiring.

But this “Best Day Ever” idea? This is new. This is special, and we need to use it with care –  because it’s powerful!

And then I had another thought. What if instead of "Have the Best Day Ever" we said,  "MAKE it your Best Day Ever."  That would really up-level this whole concept, wouldn't it?  

So go out there and Make it your Best Day EVER!

What if?