The Butter Cookie Breakthrough: How I Learned To Spike My Productivity

The Butter Cookie Breakthrough: How I Learned To Spike My Productivity

I’m new to the entrepreneur lifestyle and it has been a huge learning curve with many highs and many lows. And lots of ‘what the hell have I dones’.

It has felt a bit like getting a ticket for a 2018 Simon & Garfunkel Nostalgia Tour (someone please make this happen) but then finding out it’s in London and my passport won’t be renewed in time.  

I’m being dramatic but I had a recent wake-up call that turned my business on its head

Here’s what happened.

Demystifying the Aha Moment

Demystifying the Aha Moment

As most of you know, I’ve spent a lot of time blogging about the guts of my business, how I’m feeeeeeling about it all, and how crazy cool it is when an actor tells me they had a lot of “aha moments” while taking my course.  

You know who else talks a lot about her feelings?  Oprah.  And you wanna know who happens to be pretty freaking incredible actor? Yup, right again.  Oprah...wth two Oscar noms to prove it.  No surprises there. She’s pretty extraordinary.

So extraordinary, in fact, that she’s the reason “aha moment” is in the dictionary in the first place! She used it so much that the Merriam-Webster people decided that it was worthy of becoming an immortalized part of the English language.  #lifegoals

For what it’s worth, other recent additions to the dictionary are “jiggy”, “shizzle” the verb “MacGyver”, and the 2017 word of the year, youthquake.  Hmm.

But back to aha moments.  Today I’m hoping to give you one by showing you how to infuse yourself into any character you have to play.