My winning Lotto numbers

My winning Lotto numbers

7, 21, 37, 49, 63

You’re welcome.

I’m totally cool sharing because tomorrow, those numbers are gonna win me the Mega-Millions.

But right now, I’m dreaming about what I’ll do with

And how it’s going to feel when I hear the numbers, and I can’t believe I have the winning ticket. I’ll probably check and re-check it 57 times.  

And then I’ll definitely scream and cry.  And laugh hysterically. Maybe all at the same time.

But I’ll also be super freaked out that I might lose the ticket, so things could get weird. Don’t come over tomorrow night.  

Why I walked away from my lucrative Wall Street job

Why I walked away from my lucrative Wall Street job

I dreamed of being an actor for a long time. But no one knew it, and I didn't pursue it.

Instead, I choose to bury my passion in exchange for a full-time sales & trading job at a Wall Street Bank.

I still tried to act when I could get away with it. But it was hard. REALLY hard.

It wasn’t ok for me to leave the desk for much more than grabbing lunch. In fact, I got reprimanded once for taking my daughter to the doctor for a sudden body rash.

So, you can imagine how much I dreaded getting calls from my agent. Calls meant auditions which meant I had to lie. And lying meant a giant pit in my stomach for days.

How to embody your character: Part 2

How to embody your character: Part 2

Many actors tell me they struggle with embodying or connecting with their characters. 

So today, I want to teach you an added layer of character development you can use for your next audition. 

First, I'll give you my 3-Step Framework, and then I'll walk you through an example.

Grab a frothy latte or your beverage of choice and tuck in.

Here we go!



I got new headshots recently and I was terrified.

Headshots are one of those things that, as an actor, you KNOW you have to do but it’s so freaking stressful because “what will I wear” and “how many looks do I need?” and “what if my hair doesn’t cooperate?”

All the things that make you say no.

I’d actually needed new headshots for a while. But I kept putting it off.

Then...I started a trial run with a new manager and the first thing she asked me was whether or not I would consider new headshots.

Ugh. I believe in kismet, so I knew it was time.

So I booked it.  

Chasing Fear

Chasing Fear

When I was younger I was a bit of a  daredevil. I don’t know if it was actually me, or if it was just that the Oahu terrain practically required it.

There were countless deep mountain pools and waterfall cliffs to be jumped from. Lots of skinny-ridged hikes with plateaus in the clouds, and dark caves and deep jungles begging to be explored.  

And if I’m being really honest, my most harrowing cliff jump happened only because my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend jumped first.  

I was not going to be outdone. 😬 #competitive

Busy doing nothing?

Busy doing nothing?

I walked by a house the other day that still had its Christmas lights up.  I get it, those perpetually tangled strings are a complete pain in the butt to put up and take down every year.

But this house also had a giant snowman on the front porch, surrounded by fake presents and oversized ornaments. I didn’t see a garage, which means the owners walk by these decorations every day.

And every day, they choose NOT to take them down.  

It’s all about choices.

And just like the owners of that house, you’re making choices every second of every single day.  

It’s a bit heady to think of your acting career unfolding in a series of snap decisions, isn’t it?  

Remember your why

Remember your why

If you read my blog post, “The power of being naive”,  several weeks back, then you know that I went to the University of Michigan and that I’m pretty much obsessed with it.  #goblue.

I wish the Wolverines had won the NCAA tournament, but I was still blown away by the way the team played.

It was freaking impressive by all accounts.  

But what I loved the most, was how the coach, John Beilein, responded to a reporter’s question after their loss for the title.  His words speak volumes about him as a coach and mentor for those young men. He said:

Wanna cut through the noise? Do this.

Wanna cut through the noise? Do this.

I got a great question recently from an actor named Josh Berresford and wanted to highlight it here, because I think this is one that comes up for a lot of people... including me.

Here’s what he asked:

How do we deal with all of the bloggers, educators etc. out there, and be able to extract what will help us most and not be inundated with so much and so many to choose from?

Here’s my (very stream-of-consciousness) response:

Dad's Life Lessons

Dad's Life Lessons

I stole this blog from my Dad.  

Kind of.

His “blog” was actually a hand-written letter he wrote to my brother who was about to start college as a pre-med student.

The anniversary of my dad’s death is on the 29th, and it's always comforting to read this letter. I love reading his words and “hearing” his voice, even though the letter wasn’t meant for me.  

The letter has multiple references toward being pre-med, of course, but I have added alternate ideas in brackets. But I’ve left most of it unchanged (including all of this underlined words!), because his points have remarkable relevance for just about anyone’s path in life, including as actors.

Be Curious (or...what would you ask for if you knew you'd get it?)

Be Curious (or...what would you ask for if you knew you'd get it?)

I was 8 when my brother was born.

I’m pretty sure I thought my parents had him because I’d asked them to.  And this *might* actually be true.

Every Christmas I asked for two things. A  miniature, real car (why??) and a Baby Alive doll.

I never got either.

The Butter Cookie Breakthrough: How I Learned To Spike My Productivity

The Butter Cookie Breakthrough: How I Learned To Spike My Productivity

I’m new to the entrepreneur lifestyle and it has been a huge learning curve with many highs and many lows. And lots of ‘what the hell have I dones’.

It has felt a bit like getting a ticket for a 2018 Simon & Garfunkel Nostalgia Tour (someone please make this happen) but then finding out it’s in London and my passport won’t be renewed in time.  

I’m being dramatic but I had a recent wake-up call that turned my business on its head

Here’s what happened.

The Real Reason Your Social Media is a Pain in the A$$

The Real Reason Your Social Media is a Pain in the A$$

Social Media is kind of a pain in the ass. 

You wish it was easier to use. You wish it was fun. You wish that attracting gobs of followers with your witty banter and interesting posts was a no-brainer.

You make excuses not to do it like, “I’m too old”, or “I wouldn’t know what to post”, but deep down you’re actually afraid that no one will like your stuff, follow you back, or that you might get blasted for saying something dumb, amiright?

And then a new kind of fear creeps in.  It’s called FOMO and it sounds like, “What’s a meme?” or  “Whose abs are they talking about?”

I know that’s what you’re thinking because I used to think it, too.

Demystifying the Aha Moment

Demystifying the Aha Moment

As most of you know, I’ve spent a lot of time blogging about the guts of my business, how I’m feeeeeeling about it all, and how crazy cool it is when an actor tells me they had a lot of “aha moments” while taking my course.  

You know who else talks a lot about her feelings?  Oprah.  And you wanna know who happens to be pretty freaking incredible actor? Yup, right again.  Oprah...wth two Oscar noms to prove it.  No surprises there. She’s pretty extraordinary.

So extraordinary, in fact, that she’s the reason “aha moment” is in the dictionary in the first place! She used it so much that the Merriam-Webster people decided that it was worthy of becoming an immortalized part of the English language.  #lifegoals

For what it’s worth, other recent additions to the dictionary are “jiggy”, “shizzle” the verb “MacGyver”, and the 2017 word of the year, youthquake.  Hmm.

But back to aha moments.  Today I’m hoping to give you one by showing you how to infuse yourself into any character you have to play.

The "Audition Hotline" And The Vortex of Self-Doubt

The "Audition Hotline" And The Vortex of Self-Doubt

The Sunday New York Times business section recently ran an article called, “Reese Witherspoon’s Second Act”.  

And it had me cheering.

Not only because she wants to create television for other woman – actresses, directors, and writers – but because Reese is absolutely killing it as a producer (cast in point, Meryl Streep signed on for Big Little Lies, Season 2. Are you kidding me???)  which means she's figured out a way to take back control in the industry. Go girl! 

How to Use Predictability in Your Favor. Every Time.

How to Use Predictability in Your Favor. Every Time.

My daughter recently turned 13.

And I know this will mean many, many changes in our house– terrifying changes that are sure to keep me up at night wondering what happened to my baby girl.   But, for now, there’s  one thing I know I can count on for sure – her birthday meal requests.

Her menu looks like this, every year:

How Getting Really Pissed Off Helped Me Find My Groove

How Getting Really Pissed Off Helped Me Find My Groove

She doesn’t know it (yet, because I just figured it out for myself)  but my mom is the inspiration behind the Magnetic Actor Method.

But not in the, “Hi, it’s me, your mom. I just called to say I have this great idea for a business you should start” kind of inspiration.

That’s not even close.  Here’s the backstory.

The 7 Real Reasons You Didn't Get That Callback

The 7 Real Reasons You Didn't Get That Callback

Booking the job isn’t just about a stellar audition. We all know that. Yet, there are soooo many things that actors do, every day, that destroy their chances of booking the job.

There are 7 that I think are the worst – The Seven Deadly Sins.  

Are you guilty of any of these? Let’s find out.

5 Ways To Supercharge Your Next Audition

5 Ways To Supercharge Your Next Audition

I totally rocked an audition last week.  

Everything went exactly as I had planned, and I knew I’d booked it.

As we all know, auditioning is scary.  As an actor, you’re putting yourself on the line in every audition, and most of the time, you hear crickets.  It’s easy to start getting in your head and questioning whether you’ve got what it takes.  

I’m a firm believer in leveraging one’s strengths in all facets of the business, and for me, that includes audition prep and the moment I walk into the casting room.  That’s what my Magnetic Actor Method is all about, and it has transformed the way I approach auditions.  Here’s what it might look like in the the audition room, and how it worked for me.

How To Have More Free Time: My Day Of The Conscious Nope

How To Have More Free Time: My Day Of The Conscious Nope

I have a confession.

I pride myself on knowing my greatest talents and strengths, yet they sometimes get me into trouble and it drives me absolutely insane.  

I don’t think I’m alone.  

We all have strengths and talents that let us do incredible things, but there’s also a “dark side”.  Our strengths can also get the best of us if left unguarded or misunderstood.  

For me, it’s my Responsibility and Harmony.  I know what you’re thinking, “Those seem like goodie two-shoes themes. How in the world do they get you in trouble?”

First of all, I don’t mean TROUBLE, Trouble.  I just mean they leave me cursing myself for my inability to reign it all in.  So, maybe instead of the "dark side" of talent, I should call it, Talent Exuberance.

Let me explain.