The Book It Project


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The Book It Project is a step-by-step e-course that'll give you tons of instantly actionable tools you can use to kick fear’s ass in the audition room.  


  • Identify your natural strengths and how to use them to up your audition game

  • Mine your past successes and learn how to replicate them. 

  • Develop a technique for embodying any character you need to play – even ones you don’t like or respect.

  • Master a game-changing framework to get into exactly the right frame of mind before you walk into the audition room. 

PLUS, it comes with some awesome bonus goodies too:

  1. A step by step Power Statement guide (a course within the course!)

  2. A guided meditation called “Settling Audition Room Nerves”

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As an actor, I long to to find the truth and depth of my characters and to have a sort of terrifying authenticity in my work. The Power Statement process helped me connect to myself emotionally in a way beyond just thinking.

– Gamze Ceylan, New York, NY


I LOVE the audio!!! Today I had to listen to it sitting up so that I could more fully visualize, instead of drifting into dozing land, and it was sooooo empowering!!! Thank you!!!!!!

– Amy Schloerb, Los Angeles, CA

A big Aha moment was about connecting to a character, especially if it’s one we don’t like or resonate with. We’ve all been in a situation where we’re forcing ourselves into a character and something just feels off. So learning how to align with and more deeply connect to a character is gonna be huge for me.

– Tony Rossi, Chicago, IL