Peak Moment Kickassery

A peak experience is one of those mind-bending moments when you felt lik eyou were firing on all cylinders, and "in the flow".   

Maybe it was a  time when maybe you felt like time stood still, or something you look back on with pride, and think “I freaking killed that!.”  And maybe whatever happened was so magical you can’t even explain why it happened.

But if the whole concept of a Peak Moment is a bit nebulous, never fear.  

Here’s a video with what I think is the ultimate depiction of what it looks like to be having a “Peak Moment” or “firing on all cylinders”.    

It’s a clip from one of the 1992 NBA Finals games, now colloquially called,  “The Shrug Game”.  This is the game where Michael Jordan kept shooting and sinking 3-pointers, surprising both himself and everyone else. At around the 4:22 mark, Jordan shrugs to the sidelines as if to say “I have no idea what in the hell is going on either!”.  He is so clearly “In the Zone” – a magical confluence of all of his talents – and it’s incredible to watch (and the fact he’s just as confounded as everyone else is priceless!).

Your moment doesn’t have to be a big moment where you won an award or something AMAZING happened. It’s just something that felt so right you can’t even explain it.

One of mine, coincidentally, also had to do with basketball although I am NOT a basketball player. It was during a large event I attended, and two people (one from each side of the room) were chosen to compete in a timed free throw shooting contest.

I missed the first few but then I got into a groove and sunk almost all of the baksets after that.

I’ve never been able to do that again, but for some reason, that day, I was on a roll; The excitement of my team was palpable and thunderous.  

When I look back on that moment, it's still perplexing but my Core Qualities were definitely on fire.

My Responsibility: They picked me, I better deliver! They're counting on me!

My positivity: This was so fun!!! They are all cheering for me!

My Competition: I'm not gonna lose...I can't lose.

And my Restorative, which is my solution finder. If I missed a basket, I did a quick recalculation (too little power? off my axis?) and shot again. 

It was magical.

Peak moments happen becuase so many of your Core Qualities are involved. That’s the real benefit of this exercise. It solidifies what you're just figuring out from Step 1.  

So.... tell me! What are yours?