The Power Statement

Power Statements are like mantras, but way more targeted and intense. They’re powerful because they’re built, by you, for a very specific situation and with your personal CQs in mind. 

Here are some ways you might use them. 

  • To center you before you walk in the room
  • To connect to the CD
  • To connect to the camera as you slate
  • To ground you just before the CD says, “Action”.
  • To leave the room with grace and purpose

To craft your Power Statements, you'll use a powerful building block called, The I.A.M Framework.

Here's how it works. 


For each of the CQs you’ve identified, brainstorm the following:

What does this CQ mean to you? What does it allow you to do?

How do you use this CQ? Think back to what you learned in the first lesson, Identifying Your Core Qualities, and the way you might use it to influence people, get things done, process information or build relationships.  

Magnetic Impact
How have you used this CQ to be successful in your acting career? What positive outcomes are gained when you use this CQ?   How can you use this CQ going forward to be even more successful?  What does this CQ mean to you? What does it allow you to do?


Pull together some of what you identified below to complete this statement, “I am an actor who_________________________. 

Example: I am an actor who connects with my characters easily.


Now, you’re going to use the information you gleaned from the I.A.M Framework to make a Power Statement that you can say to yourself at any point before, during and after an audition. 

These statements will help ground you and remind you that you, and your natural talents, are powerful. 

You craft as many Power Statements as you want, following this basic formula, but mix and match and feel free to adjust it any way that suits your intention and goal: 

I am a(n)  [adjective + one of your CQs] actor. 

Who  [application of your CQ]

Which means   [Magnetic Impact] 

So I can  [benefit of Magnetic Impact]

Let’s look at an example using my CQ of Responsibility. 

I:   I do what I say I’m going to do. It allows me to be dependable.
A: I use this CQ to get things done. It helps me stay on task because I don’t like to let other people, or myself down. I tend to go above and beyond.
M: This CQ helps me be successful as an actor because my agent knows that if I confirm an audition, I’ll definitely be there. Last minute VO audition? No problem. And not only that, this CQ makes sure that I’m totally prepared for every audition and can just play in the room. I know my lines, I know the relevant dates, have my headshot, resume, etc.. Actors often get a bad rap for being “flaky” and I use my responsibility to defy that stereotype. CDs trust me because I do my job. 

→ I am an actor who is always prepared and ready to work. 

The key here is that we’re not just telling ourselves how we want to feel: things like, “I’m relaxed. I can do this. Let’s play. I”m going to crush it!”   You are telling yourself the truth based on the I.A.M Formula. 

Here's my Power Statement.

“I am a [responsible] actor who is [always prepared] which means I'm [ready to work] so I can serve the script, [do my job] and [just play]. I’ve got this.”

Do you see the difference?

Let’s do it again. 

This time I’m going to switch up my Power Statement and make it something I will say internally as I greet and connect with the CD. You'll notice I've modified the formula just a bit to accommodate what I want to say.

“I'm an actor who connects easily and who you trust to do the job. That’s why you called me in. I’m prepared and ready to play. Let’s do this!” 

QUICK ALERT FROM CAPTAIN OBVIOUS:  Don’t say your Power Statement out loud. But if you do accidentally, what’s the real harm?  The CD might be amused, impressed or perplexed, but at least you’ll be memorable! 

Hana hou as we say in Hawaii (or, One more Time!)

Now I’ll make one more Power Statement to use after I’ve done the audition and walk out of the room. This one is to encourage me to just let it go.  I did my job.

“I am a responsible actor who just nailed my audition.  I was prepared and fully present in the room and built more trust with the CD which means I can let it go and move on knowing I did my job. 

Boom!!!  Can you see how empowering this is? 

Keep in mind you’ve made these Power Statements using just one of your CQs. 

We get even fancier inside The Confident Actor Project and learn how to make crazy-specific, super-dynamic, double-dipping Power Statements by combining several of your CQs together.   

This is just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, it's kinda like peeking at just one of Adam Levine’s abs.  

You want more. Of course, you do! 

But that means you have to be willing to dig in even deeper.

Otherwise, it’d be like trying to understand  Game of Thrones by watching just the 7th season.  

You’d be like, “Wait… I don’t understand the whole crow thing…”  

And, “That guy’s wife’s uncle killed that other guy’s cousin’s daughter’s brother? And they’re all somehow related, by marriage, to the bastard son of a king nobody’s heard of?” 



Baby steps.  Just like uncovering your own greatest talents and how to use them.